Welcome to RVF.dk!

The purpose of RVF.dk is to collect as many information about the Honda RVF motorcycles, primary from Denmark, as possible.

The idea came to me when I in 2004 collected my first RVF in Germany. At that time there were only a few RVFs in Denmark, and it wasn't a bike everybody knew, as they had never been imported officially to Denmark.

After I picked it up, and a couple of the others members of VFROC DK had tryed it, things started to happen. Several people found the RVFs interesting and especially the RVF400 became popular. One greyimporter imported app. 20 in a year, and they were all sold quickly.

So if you have an RVF, which you feel belongs in the gallery, and it isn't shown, I would like to hear from you on lange(a)rvf.dk.

Please enjoy the site.